Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Where did "Galloping Gertie" come from? She came from a combination of my dear Grammy (or "Jinks") and a neighbor, her friend, Gertie Brewer. In addition, Gertie is comprised of all the grand ol' gals I have had the honor of knowing over the years: Brownie Smith, Floydena Garrison, Charlotte Priddy, Carrie Nett, my Aunt Kathy, and my dear Grandma Moss. Others whom I've always admired, but did not know: Betty Steele, and Sammy Fancher. Gertie is the part of me that cannot control my language, cannot be tactful or lady-like, and does not care if I have hay in my hair and shit on my shoes when I go into the grocery store!

She made her first appearance in the Elko Daily Free Press, Elko, Nevada, in 1997.  We were living on a 200,000 plus acre ranch and there was always lots to talk about! I told stories just the way I wanted, each and every week. And they printed them - four letter words and all! I've decided Gertie has more stories to tell, so she's been revived!

I spend a lot of time by myself everyday - although I do call my girly friends on my cell phone while I'm out in the field or on my horse. The other day I called a friend after getting the snot knocked out of me while I was graining the cows. (Oh how I HATE to walk through my horned Hereford cows with a 50 lb sack of grain!) I didn't realize how she took the call. Later, she expressed how wrong she felt it was for me to have to grain by myself and that a man could handle it much easier than I.

I know I get knocked around sometimes - and that at times my days are frustrating - but I really do love it and told her so. "You LIKE it?", she asked with her head cocked sideways. Then she looked down and said "Hmmm". She understood.

It's true. I may complain and I may cuss and rant and rave - but I really do love it. When I start complaining - it's all in fun.  So that is where Gertie comes from. She's a combination of those that I've always admired; what I do; and what I hope to be someday.

My days are broke into blocks. 5-6 hours of feeding and graining; 1-2 hours of housework (yuck!); and 1-2 hours of working with my horses. Not necessarily in that order. Nearly everyday there is something that happens, or just something that pops into my head. It may be in poem form or story form - you never know!

Here's my feed truck/tractor:

I load the grain in the back and pull the bales with a chain, hooked to the trailer hitch. Works like a charm! (Well, most of the time!) We have cows in three different locations - and it's a 40 mile round trip. My dog Yekce (Yeck-chay is Creek for Stray Dog) always comes with me. I'll have a picture of her next time :)

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