Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's In A Name?

What's in a name? Well, sometimes it's all about the marketing. For instance - my Dad's brand is "IF" and he registers all of his AQHA horses with IF in their names. My barrel horse's registered name is "IF I Am A Dandy". However, I shortened it to "Roy". Why? Well - long story - one of my favorite movies is Quigley Down Under, starring Tom Selleck, as "Quigley". "Crazy Cora", who latches on to Quigley in the movie, insisted on calling him Roy. I just love when she yells "I just knew you'd come to save me Roy!", in her exaggerated southern drawl. Quigley tries to correct her, but eventually just gives in and lets her call him Roy. So - although my horse's name is not Roy, I insist on calling him that - and he just lets me!
Then, there is "LeRoy" - because he is Roy's little brother. So he's like a little Roy!

And we have "Domino", our registered Hereford bull. Although the reason for the name is not visually apparent, but it is when you see one of his calves! (Notice the spot on the calf's face?)

There is "Rubber". He also has a registered name - but earned his given name. He got his bump on his face from a fit that he threw one day in the horse trailer. That, and a few other episodes, where he bucked and/or threw his fits caused my husband to name him "Rubber" because, and I quote, "He is sure-fire evidence that his father should have used a rubber!"
Of course, if you've read my previous blog about my dog -  "Yekce" (Yeck-Chay). That is the Muskogee Creek Indian word for Stray Dog:
Then there's my husband Rex - which, of course, is code for "Wrecks":

And, my absolute pride and joy - my granddaughter, Lilly! Is it not obvious? This child is definitely a Lilly!! :)

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